Me and my shadow. . .
(A picture is worth a thousand words.)

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. . . and so the story goes! December 2004.

I don't think he wanted his picture taken!
March 2004.

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How lucky am I? Mark Hamill,
New York, March 2004.


How lucky am I? Billy Dee Williams,
Disney World MGM Studios, May 2003.
Yes, I did have my picture taken with him, but unfortunately the morning wait in the Florida heat was not kind to me.

Carnival Cruise Oct. 2002      Pre-K Dec. 1994
  Al & Lorna's Wedding March 2004
Joshua's 15th birthday, September 26, 2003.


Back then I used to look like a mommy (some times). February 14, 1993


" Changes are inevitable, but my baby is always mine! Decmeber 2009 "


Joshua, Timothy Zahn and me. Joshua loves his books. We flew to St.Louis for this! Below, Joshua and Timothy Zahn in Seattle 2013. Joshua was stationed there just after returning from Afghanistan and Zahn had a book signing, almost 10 years to the day of the previous pic!


  Do I have great friends or what?
December 2008 above; December 2012 below.



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