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"Sometimes it's necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly."     Edward Albee

What's new with you know who?  Well a great deal!


August 2015


  • Well it sure has been a very long time!  Technical difficulties aside, its been mostly procrastination.  Changed from PC to Mac in 2008 and Dreamweaver several times and that's where the challenges began!
  • In summary for this month, I’m still writing and working on several new projects.  Headed for Dragon Con for Labor Day and Necronomicon on October 9-11.
  • As far as my love life, I’m between gentlemen callers at the moment.
  • Redsox and Marlins are breaking my heart, but I still do love them!


May 2009
  • Thanks Linda Bernfeld, the writers conference was fantastic!

  • I'm keeping busier than usual, I've got three courses to take starting January 20! See you in May once I'm done! I'll be checking in on Facebook, see you there.
April 2009
  • Life begins when the season starts!!!!! Go Marlins and Red Sox

  • I'm keeping busier than usual, I've got three courses to take s
January 2009
  • Thanks Linda Bernfeld, the writers conference was fantastic!

  • I'm keeping busier than usual, I've got three courses to take starting January 20! See you in May once I'm done! I'll be checking in on Facebook, see you there.
December 2008
  • I've finally done it I've really broken up with Richard!

  • Hallelujah, it's raining men!!!!
November 2008
  • God bless America! God bless our President Barack Obama!!!!!!!!

  • Okay Rays you did great! Better luck next time.

  • Thanksgiving was wonderful with the family.   Went to Vegas Friday and it was amazing! I'd never been there!  We stayed at the Bellagio. What a place I couldn't believe how big and bright it was. I felt like such a tourist. A special thanks to everyone at Le Cage!!!!!!!   Thanks Maurice and Andrew for the great trip!!!!!

October 2008
  • Come on Rays, let's get it started. Show the Phillies why you are the best team in baseball this year!!!!

  • This month has flown by. I've started two new stories and I went to New York and Cleveland. Yes, I said Cleveland. It was cold and windy but I had an amazing time!  

  • New York was great went for my birthday weekend! More contacts, more people to see! Sorry I missed you Monica!

  • I love updating this page once a month, but I also have a blog http://elizabethfischer.blogspot.com/. It's called "It's not easy being green", a tribute to my love of Kermit and to honor my hero, Jim Henson. We were all asked to create one during summer school as a teaching tool, but I haven't been good about using it since. Well, I'm no longer going to let it go to waste. Because I'm also kicking around an idea of writing an informational book about Giftedness in America, I think the blog may come in handy to gather some feedback on peoples perspective on the subject. Please let me know what you think!

  • To all my friends at Stone Hill Science Fiction Association I'm sorry I missed this years convention! Necronomicon is always my favorite!

September 2008
  • Well its post season time and if its not the Dodgers and the Rays in the post season, then I don't know what's going on. Yes, I love my Red Sox and Marlins, but lets face it Red Sox won last year and Marlins are no where near the post season. Now if the Red Sox win the wild card that does say "World Series" winner, but Rays have never won, who knows. Dodgers as a contender would be nice for Torre.

  • Mike you're always in my heart.

August 2008
  • I went to Amherst College and through the Cape.   Those Emily Dickinson Fans are amazing!   What a great experience.    Took a stroll (and drive) through the Hampton's and stayed in Montauk, but so did a lot of vacationers.  All the Hampton's were very interesting and some what different. I can see why writers go there for inspiration and quite writing time. Thanks, Richard.

July 2008
  • Summer School!!!!!!

June 2008
  • How fantastic was my trip to California, you know I love it there!   I traveled through San Francisco and San Jose.  I helped my friend Richard move his mother there and get her settled.   We talked "A LOT" about my moving there, but nothing is still decided, but chances are, that chances are good.

May 2008
  •  Another Memorial Day come and gone. Here's to all the brave men and women fighting for us over seas and here, thanks. Thank you for putting your life on the line every day for us.  Andres come home soon.

  • Indian Jones was great! Definitely worth the wait. I highly recommend it!  Speed Racer was a good deal too. I haven't made it to Iron Man yet, but I will soon enough.

  • Notice I haven't mentioned my writing lately, well I'm working on he same projects they do take some time. I'm note supposed to divulge any info on one particular project, but it will be a surprise.

  • Marlins and Boston, top of the heap! Keep up the good work. What do I think for this year? Well though I chose the Tigers and the Mets for the 'Series last year, I'm encouraged to predict for this year. I know that there's no predicting until after the All-Star Game and I'm insulted that none of the Broadcasters had anything positive to say about the Marlins until recently, but you've got to admit that the marlins look great! Once we get our pitchers back there will be no stopping us. I'm glad to see another Florida team on top too, though they're in the same division as Boston, I always like the underdog. It helped me in the Super Bowl! Let's see I'd like to see the Dodgers place this year and the White Sox are doing pretty good. Who would I like to see in the World Series, well, the Marlins, of course, but if I can't have a Marlins/Red Sox, which I never want, I'd have to say that this year we will see Arizona and Tampa.

  • Celtics please go all the way, it's been to long.

  • Mike you're always in my heart.

April 2008
  • Well, it's about time! Yes, it did take me a while, the months have flown by since I last updated my page. Thanks for all the emails and support. I've learned even more about Web posting and now I'm working on Blogging so it will be easier for you all to contact me. I can't promise it will be soon, but I will have it up eventually. I'm getting ready for summer and my son returning from college.

  • Baseball season is upon us and with the end of the school year comes, baseball, Miami beaches and all the other things I love to do!

  • I'm saying good bye to my Ethics and Leadership Class, who I will miss terribly, but they must spread their wings and "Soar".
  • New York was great, again, but very cold and drizzly. Lots of meetings, plenty of cocktails, that's the Big Apple for you!

February 2008
  •  Sorry its taken so long. No computer (with this program), host server change etc., etc. But luckily I've been keeping a log!

  • Food and Wine Festival was fantastic! Thanks Geoffrey for another great time! It was wonderful to see all my favorite Chefs up close. Love ya' Paul Deen!

December 2007
  • What a month! Does that surprise anyone? On my way to New York, have a great holiday and a very happy New Year!!!!!!

  • I saw the Rockettes in Miami, ironic. Great show, catch it if you can.

  • Saw Tom Jones in November, what a show, not just because I was in the second row, but it's as though I was in a time warp. He was amazing. What a voice!

October 2007
  • My dear sweet Red Sox!!!!!! Way to go!  I must say it is always a nerve racking season.
September 2007
  • Well my baby's' off at school, Dragon Con was great and we're all settled into the new school year, time for the post season.

  • I've been looking at new cars, but I love mine, what should I do? Yes, keep it, if it ain't broke. . .and all that.
July 2007  
June 2007
  • Yes, it's true, I'm the mother of a high school graduate! He's on his way. It was a wonderful moment, I'll post the pictures soon, I'm developing a new "Me and My Shadow" page. Time for summer!!!!!!
May 2007
  • A month like this only comes . . . well, for me much too often lately. All the end of the year events have grown exponentially thanks to my son's graduation.

  • Los Angeles was great! Dodgers won an amazing game. Everything else went perfectly, a little cold for my taste, but hey, it's not Miami. I missed Joss Whedon, but I saw Seth Green and Jim Belucci.

April 2007
  • Baseball season is here!!!!! Just like it says on my favorite t-shirt "Life begins when the season starts." I don't have any premonitions yet, but the year is still young.

  • Boy! Things sure have taken at turn toward really busy. Spring has always been my busiest, but now that my son is about to graduate high school its been worse. He's been accepted to the his school of choice and is just awaiting going to LA for Memorial Weekend and graduating the day after we return.

  • New York was great, I got back earlier this month. Atlantic City was very . . . interesting. I didn't meet very many writers, but a few interesting people.

December 5, 2006
  • Once again I find myself giving thanks, thank you all.  I am truly blessed. The holidays are upon us and here in Florida Spring is always in the air!
  • In late October I was in Tampa and visited with the wonderful people of the Stone Hill Science Fiction Association. Thank you Tim and Anna Zahn for inviting me to join in the mayhem. Necronomicon was fantastic!  I learn more about what fans really want and about writing--yes there's always more to learn--more than in any lengthy semester long course.
  • I'm making plans to go to LA next May, but lets hope it doesn't go in the same direction San Diego went, impossible dream.
  • Way to go Tigers!  Sorry you didn't take it, but you were closer than ever!
  • Mike you're always in my heart.
October 1, 2006
  • I am truly lucky to have great friends who believe in me. Thank you Dr. Consuelo V. Domínguez, Dr. Margaret E. Haun and
    Ms. Barbara Bain Jordan. You've seen in me what I could never see and guided my path.
September 10, 2006
  • Atlanta was fantastic! The writing workshops I attended were very informative.
  • What's new, Podcasting!  We'd been discussing it as a teaching tool since I'd been exposed to it about a year ago by author Michael Stackpole (see links), but then a fluke conversation during a writer's panel led me to him again.  He directed me to the information sessions going on that very weekend!  Thanks Michael!  I've already started working on it.
 August 11 2006
  •  I went to New York this weekend to a publishing thing, interesting, interesting.  Thanks Richard.
July 23, 2006
  • These last two years have not only been a nerve racking waiting game, but a time for re-evaluating, rebuilding, re-prioritizing and of restoration--mainly hope. The support of my family and friends has been my driving force.   I am truly the luckiest women alive.

  • I've just finished the MAST Athletics web page.   As soon as I complete filming the introduction video--weather permitting--and and add tweak the Spanish version, I'll be done with the Admissions interactive pages.

  • I've corresponded a few times with the very talented Jeff Rivera, author of "Forever My Lady". He has been very supportive and an inspiration.   His contagious idealism, good nature, and spirit is the boost of confidence I need.  He is on his way!

  • His book is presently available via his web site, but is due to be released June 2007 by Warner Books.   Pick-up a copy its fantastic.   www.jeffrivera.com

June 30, 2006
  • I'd planned on attending San Diego Con, but alas life isn't cheap.  On the bright side we will be at Dragon Con!  Of course Josh will be there, I'll be spending my time on the Writer's Track--I've got to keep on crafting!

  • I love you Richard!  I've got tickets to see the Red Sox play the Marlins this weekend.  Life has meaning again!

April 2006
  • No Marlins tickets!!!  My season is shot!!!!  Thanks to a dofus in their sales office I've lost my seats.  I can get them from other parties, but that takes too much negotiating--the married person kind--I'm truly not up to it.
March 2006
  • My friend Geoffrey brought me a special gift, a telephone conversation with Paula Deen.  As luck would have it this working girl couldn't get out in time to see her favorite Food Network Star at the Food and Wine Festival.  He cared enough to bring her to me via his cell phone.  She was great about it!  Needless to say, I cried.
  • I've been writing constantly, but as new projects arise, the others have been taking a back-seat. This is sometimes good, because it gives me time to put things into perspective.
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