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"Sometimes it's necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly."     Edward Albee

For those who dream, for those who seek, for those who've had the courage to take a chance. . .this is my site.

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--Elizabeth Fischer, mother, writer, teacher, idealist--

An expression of m
y individuality my Converse High Tops are my foundation. I dare to be different. Though, we are all different, some never give free rein to the valor within, to explore that which has made them extraordinary. The last two lines of Digby Wolfe’s poem, Kids who are Different encapsulates it’s heart and the embodiment of my essence, “. . .for when they have grown, as history’s shown, it’s their difference that makes them unique.”

Inspired by my own distinctiveness, driven by the desire to entertain those who--though unlike me--are much like me, I embarked on a writing career. The three Contemporary Romance manuscripts I’ve completed, although written in English are infused with bits of Spanglish, the Spanish slang, Idioms, and phrases which weave the cultural tapestry that is my life. The heroines are Hispanic. The subject matter encouraged not only by my own sub-culture--first generation Cuban American--but that of real working class women, specifically.----



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Please be patient, like my writing, this site is a work in progress. 
Critiques, positive suggestions?   All accolades and monetary rewards welcome at ef@elizabethfischer.com.  Any other comments, be productive, keep them to yourself--yes, joking.


A special thanks to: Melissa Fernandez and Grace Iudica for their assistance with this web site and irrefutable friendship; Barbara Bain Jordan for her unparalleled wisdom, inspiration and discernment; Dr. Michael G. Paulson, proofreader, copy editor, and confidence booster extraordinaire; Margaret Nolan for her generous acclamations and advice; Joshua (my son) and Frances (my mother) for their constancy and love; Momo (Monica Simo) for teaching me that nothing is impossible; Adrian Castro, poet, mentor, and friend; Tim and Anna Zahn for making me feel like I belong; and to Dr. Margaret E. Haun, the unequalled educator, whose brilliance has anointed the cognizance of young and old, forever bettering the mediocre subsistence of all humankind.


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